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I feel really bad for lurking about! So, making up for lost time, I've found one of my fics that I thought I'd never find again! Enjoy!


Mokuba sat in a corner of an easy-chair, his knees folded to his chest, and shivering. His brother, Seto, sat on the couch staring forlornly into the blank television. In his right hand he was holding a bottle of Fuzzy Navel Berry Mix, and around his feet were five other bottles. The smaller of the Kaiba brothers didn't move a muscle. He was more afraid of what would happen if his big brother even noted his presence in the room.

As if being snapped to, Seto looked up and slowly scanned the room like a radar in search for the enemy. His eyes lazily landed on the sniveling figure in the corner of the room. "Mokuba? Where's Joey? I know he was here," the brunette slurred.

Mokuba's face paled. He really didn't want his brother speaking to him. Even if his brother's tone was a bit worrisome.

"H-He left. Don't you remember…Seto?" Mokuba asked, not daring to bring up the part where Seto broke up with Joey's sorry ass. The CEO had been drinking way too much, he could smell the acid all the way across the room.

"No…No!" Seto's voice became more irked. "I saw him a couple of minutes ago! Where is he Mokuba! Where did…my puppy go?" Seto stood up off the couch, practically losing his balance. He dropped the bottle and approached his brother. "What…did you do to him?" He yelled.

Mokuba shook his head, tears threatening to spill down his cheeks. "Nothing Seto! He left. He's at home!" Mokuba immediately jumped up to escape his brother's grasp. There was no telling what Seto would do to him if he got a hold of him.

"Y-You're a bad boy, Mokuba. That is no way…to disrespect your…brother!" Seto advanced toward his small brother again, but didn't get far when he tripped over himself and landed on the floor. "Damn…feet…watch where you're going."

Mokuba rolled his eyes in annoyance and bit of amusement, wishing the trip had somehow knocked his brother out. "Seto, please! You need to rest…you're drunk."

Seto sat up Indian style on the floor. "I'm not drunk…just a little…dizzy…and slurred." He gave a small hiccup before looking up at his brother and asking again. "I'm…asking again. Where is…my puppy? You know…the one with the blonde hair and pretty brown eyes."

Mokuba detained a snicker from escaping his lips. It was droll to hear Seto proclaiming that Joey was some kind of actual dog. "Seto, he's not here. Joey went home…y-you…" He bit his tongue back, not sure if he should tell the CEO what he had truly done to the street punk.

"I what…Mokie?" Seto asked, slumping forward and indicating that he was tired.

The small Kaiba winced from the nickname. He really didn't like it when Seto called him that in his intoxicated state. "You…dumped Joey, big brother." By the time he finally stated it, his brother had fallen asleep while sitting up. Mokuba sighed in relief. He didn't know if he could face an overly drunk, depressed man. He grabbed the small blanket from off the back of the couch and threw it over Seto's shoulder. He giggled as he watched his brother sleep while sitting up. He would have a major crick in his neck tomorrow and a headache to accompany it. However, he would have deserved it.

It was going on eleven and Mokuba wasn't exactly ready to stay in the same house with Seto. The CEO would probably wake up sooner than Mokuba would have liked. So, he grabbed his coat off the rack and left to go down town.

From there he could see that the people still occupied the streets by the numbers, except it had less traffic. He stopped in front of a closed candy shop and sat on the bench in front of the window. "I never seen Seto so drunk in my life," he mumbled. "He probably wanted to drown out his misery for dumping Joey. Why did he to begin with? There's always an excuse for my overly excessive brother." He took a deep sigh as he leaned forward and stared at the ground. "What did Joey do this time? Kiss Seto on the lips instead of his ass or something?"

"Probably," a crisp familiar voice replied.

Mokuba looked up with shock. He wasn't expecting an answer from anyone. It was just a rhetorical question. "Huh?" He renowned the silver hair and evil presence radiating from the stranger. "Bakura," he smirked.

Bakura grinned as he sat down beside the raven haired teen and pulled out a small canteen of brandy. He went to take a swig. He swallowed nothing but air when he tried to fill his mouth with the alcoholic beverage. "Hey," he scolded Mokuba and tried to reach for the canteen.

Mokuba held the bandit off by pushing against his chest with a foot. "I don't think so! I just about had it with this junk. My brother became drunk because of this…stuff tonight."

"That stuff, as you call it," Bakura started. "Is the medicine of respite. Everyone needs a dose of it every now and then."

Mokuba narrowed his eyes. "Yeah, from the looks of it, you were going to get a dose of it for no reason! You alcoholic buffoon!" He took the cap from Bakura's hand and twisted it back onto the top. "It's going to stay in my coat pocket until you get ready to leave," Mokuba murmured irritated.

Bakura snorted. "How do you know I didn't need that? I've had a stressful day!"

"Just lifting your finger is a stressing day, Bakura," Mokuba remarked sarcastically. "You don't need it."

Bakura grunted from off the side of his mouth. "Then what do you suggest?"

Mokuba smiled kindly. "How about some recreational things to do? Like basketball or card games," he suggested.

"I don't like basketball and card games get old when you're as old as I am," Bakura mocked.

"I was speaking on evocative terms," Mokuba grumbled.

"Hey, I have an idea," Bakura sparked, grinning when Mokuba became interested. "How about you come over and let me screw that daylights out of you, huh? How about that? It'd make us both feel better!" He grinned deceitfully.

Mokuba blushed uncontrollably. Did the bandit even know what he was saying? He looked away, becoming strangely interested in the pile of discarded leaves. "You're a idiot."

Bakura snorted. "I was actually being serious, but whatever works for you man!"

Mokuba's eyes widened in utter astonishment. "How can you be so serious like that? I'm sure you catch a lot of people's attention with that kind of language," he ridiculed.

Bakura shrugged. "I get by." He lifted the palm of his hand. "Can I have my canteen back now? I would like to get home and sleep."

"Yamis sleep?" Mokuba asked. "I just figured you guys would go out to night clubs or something."

"Only Marik," Bakura remarked. "Canteen?"

Mokuba ignored Bakura's request and the fuming look on the bandit's face. "Were you actually serious about…screwing me senseless?" He asked.

Bakura smirked from the response. "Nah, not really. I just wanted to see the expression on your face. Canteen?"

Mokuba decided to play with him a little, since the bandit had with him. "Did you like my expression?"

"I don't know. All I could see was the blush on your face before you turned away. Canteen?" Bakura was about to just jump the kid if he didn't get his precious container back.

"Jeeze! You sound like a broken record." He took the canteen out of his pocket and gave it back to Bakura.

Bakura gazed at his prized possession and stuck it back into his pocket after he looked around to see if anyone noticed. He sat back against the bench and stared at the raven haired teen. "So, what's this I hear about your brother being drunk?"

"I thought you said you had to go home and sleep," Mokuba muttered, showing annoyance.

"I only said that because I don't trust you with my canteen. Now, what's the problem?" Bakura persisted.

Mokuba sighed. "My brother dumped Joey…again."

Bakura slumped his shoulders. "I don't understand your brother's interest. He dumps Joey for a instant and then crawls back to him, groveling. And Joey buys it every time."

"That's because Seto loves him too much. He won't admit it, but he does. Joey also has an undying love for my brother. He always knows when Seto will come back whimpering at his doorstep," Mokuba chuckled. "I think it's devotion like that, that keeps them inseparable."

Bakura smiled. "I think it's Seto who should be calling himself a whimpering mongrel instead of Joey."

Mokuba nodded. "Yeah." His tone of voice carried a sort of sympathy for his brother. "I wonder what it's like to have a lover."

Bakura stared at Mokuba from the corner of his eye. "You never knew what it's like to have a lover?"

Mokuba shook his head shyly.

The bandit watched the street for a moment, seeing the people lessen and lessen. He looked up to the clock tower which was going on midnight. "Would you like to come home with me?" Bakura asked softly. "It's getting late."

Mokuba stared at Bakura and nodded reluctantly. "I guess. I really don't want to go home where my brother is."

Bakura grabbed his hand and lifted him off the bench. "Then it's a sleep over," he smirked.

Mokuba chuckled as he was dragged off by the bandit.

To Be Continued…


A/N: It's longer than I thought it would be. ^^; I guess there is going to be another chapter with Bakura comforting Mokuba and then having mad passionate love! Lol

Author: gothic_kaiba


Disclaimers: None of the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters belong to me. They all belong to Takahashi!

Summary: Mokuba has a little problem with his drunken, big brother. He leaves to find comfort, but the only person he finds is Bakura. What does Bakura have up his devious sleeves?

Ratings: NC-17

Warnings: Yaoi, lemons, h/c, unusual pairing Oo;

Pairings: Bakura x Mokuba

A/N: Once again, Mokuba is 15, so there really isn't any minor involved. ^^; Not really.
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