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Mokuba and Bakura could hear the faint clanging of the clock tower in town as they raced through the neighborhood. They finally reached Bakura's house. The bandit turned to face Mokuba and explained. "I think Ryou is in bed now, so be as quite as possible when you come in. Uh…not that I care, mind you."

Mokuba gave a small smirk and nodded. "Alright, Bakura, I'll be quiet."

They entered into the house and removed their shoes so they could tiptoe easily pass Ryou's room to Bakura's.

Mokuba tried his best to sustain the fit of giggles fighting their way up into his mouth. He just settled with a soft snicker.

Bakura gave a glare from over his shoulder to the young Kaiba. "What's so funny?" He whispered.

"Oh, nothing. It's just hard to stay quiet when someone tells you to," Mokuba responded.

"I think we can take care of that," Bakura smirked. He opened the door to his bedroom and allowed the teen to enter first. He followed and shut the door behind him. He stepped past Mokuba to his computer desk and opened a drawer. He rummaged through it until he found a small bottle of lube. "Damn it," he grumbled. "I'll be back in a minute, Mokuba. Make yourself at home," Bakura said before he left the room to go down the hall into Ryou's room.

Mokuba analyzed the bandit's quarters. To the teen's surprise, Bakura was actually tidy. His bed was made perfectly with the sheets folded under, the tops of the desk and dresser drawers were organized, and you could actually see the floor. Mokuba was kind of curious about the laptop on Bakura's desk. The bandit didn't strike the teen as a technology operative. He sat on the bed and just happened to notice something green and rubbery sticking out of Bakura's closet. He hesitated for a moment before finally standing and approached the foreign object. He opened the closet door to where the green object could roll out more, along with two other items. Mokuba's face turned ten shades of red when he realized that the green object was a glow in the dark, vibrating dildo and the other two objects were a ball gag and another dildo, except it was dark blue and had two heads on each end. He immediately kicked the toys back into the closet and slammed the door shut. He was actually afraid to stay in the bandit's room now. There was no telling what else the bandit had hidden. He stared at the bed, only guessing what was lurking beneath it.

Meanwhile, Bakura quickly raced out of Ryou's room and into his own bedroom, only to be confronted by a bright red teen, practically hugging the closet door with his back. "What's the matter, Mokuba? You act like you just saw a naked, sexy ghost."

"Not exactly," Mokuba mumbled. "More like a few skeletons in the closet."

Bakura quirked his eyebrow and started chuckling. "Oh, you found my "toys" huh?" He stared at the closet door and then at the teen again. "There really isn't any point on holding that door shut, it's going to come open no matter what. I broke the knob a few weeks ago."

Mokuba reluctantly stepped away from the door to sit on the bed and then made sure his feet weren't anywhere near the floor, in case the dildo monster grabbed his feet and dragged him under the bed. He hugged his knees against his chest and tried desperately to hide the blush. He watched the closet door slowly open a quarter of a way.

Bakura winked at the teen in a joke. "There is nothing under the bed, Mokuba. All the stuff is in the closet. Believe me." He started to laugh when the teen shot him a death-glare.

"It's not funny," Mokuba pouted. "I never knew they made such things for…sexual pleasure."

"Of course they do. How else do you explain the moaning and groaning in your brother's room every night?" He grinned.

Mokuba winced from the statement. He knew that Seto and Joey were having sex, but he never knew that Seto or Joey would use such "things" to enlighten their pleasure. He hesitantly looked at Bakura feeling ashamed of his clueless thoughts.

Bakura sat on the bed beside Mokuba and wrapped his arms around the small teen's shoulders. "Relax kiddo. There are people out there older than you who don't know a damned thing about sex."

Mokuba wanted to bang his head against a wall or the bed frame, something to get his mind off the subject. "That's not it, Bakura. I know what sex is, I just never really wanted to experience it."

Bakura chuckled weakly as he stuffed the new bottle of lube into his back pocket. "So, you're a virgin?"

Mokuba nodded. "Is there a problem with that?"

The bandit shook his head quickly. "No, absolutely not. Actually, it makes it more tempting."

"What?" Mokuba asked astounded of what he just heard. "Are you saying that you wanted to have…sex with me?"

Bakura blushed as he absently scratched the back of his head. "Well, I was going to show you what having a lover felt like…but it isn't necessarily sex all the time either."

Mokuba shyly stared at the bandit, actually getting a new found respect for him. "At least you're telling me the truth."

"But it's the best part about being a lover," Bakura chirped. "So how about? First sex and then cuddling?" Bakura grinned while sticking out his tongue and then wrapping his arms around the teen's shoulders.

//Okay, lost that respect//, Mokuba frowned. "You perverted jerk. Get away from me!" It didn't come out as strong as Mokuba expected. It actually sounded as if he was all for the sexual intercourse with Bakura. Well, why not? The bandit was sexy. He collapsed against the pillows with Bakura on top of him. He blushed when he felt Bakura's warm, moist lips press against the flesh at the hollow of his neck. "Ah…no…Bakura." //Oh, gawd, yes! I want more//! Mokuba exclaimed mentally.

Bakura ignored his command and continued to kiss the teen's neck, moving up to his jaw line. "You're enjoying this, Mokuba. I can feel the heat in your pants," he pointed out as he brushed his finger tips across the bulging fabric.

Mokuba let out a soft moan as he arched his back to get more of the friction. He hadn't felt this good since Seto took him to see Savage Garden in concert a couple years ago. His face became flushed as Bakura removed his shirt and threw it onto the floor next to the bed.

Bakura purred as he kissed all the way down to Mokuba's navel and dipped his tongue into it, sending hot sensations through the teen's stomach.

Mokuba moved his hand down to his pants and tugged at the rim. "I want these off," he whimpered. "It hurts."

"Yes, of course." Bakura used his thumb to undo the button and then his teeth to pull down the zipper. His eyes seemed to grin evilly when he was rewarded with the teen's thick flesh. He noted that the young Kaiba wasn't wearing any underwear, but that just made it all the easier. He quickly removed the jeans and threw them down where the shirt was. He sat on his knees to admire the beautiful piece of work lying before him. It made him harder to see the teen in such a vulnerable state. "I don't know if I can take you, Mokuba. You're so beautiful while lying there looking defenseless. However, it's making me ache with need."

Mokuba blushed deeply. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be taken just yet. "Bakura…can't we just…hold each other for tonight?" He really didn't know how to say it without sounding clichéd.

Bakura smiled warmly. "Actually, that sounds pretty good to me." He removed his own clothes and settled in beside Mokuba, covering them both with the sheets to keep warm.

Mokuba nuzzled Bakura's chest and placed butterfly kisses all over it.

Bakura purred softly. He enjoyed the gentleness of his new pet.

Mokuba gasped when he felt Bakura's hardened organ grind against his own. His face became flushed once more as he became lost in ecstasy. He pushed back against Bakura's length, causing the bandit to take in sharp breaths.

"You're a naughty little minx," Bakura teased and licked Mokuba's lips.

Mokuba groaned as he released his seed all over their bodies. He pushed Bakura away, crying softly. "I-I'm sorry…Bakura…I didn't mean to…it…it felt so...right."

Bakura pressed Mokuba back against his body and chuckled. "It should feel right, my little one. You just came. It's no big deal at all…well…actually it is, because I love it." He kissed Mokuba's forehead and stroked his back gently. "You're going to experience it more often when we make love." He brushed his lips against Mokuba's and then kissed the tip of his nose.

Mokuba blushed from the bandit's response. It wasn't what he expected. "What about you?"

Bakura smirked as he reached down and started pumping his length. He grunted as he squirted all over Mokuba's stomach, causing the teen to melt under the sticky warmth. "Did you like that?" Bakura asked and used his hand to smear his seed all over Mokuba's chest and stomach.

Mokuba nodded while closing his eyes and resting his head against Bakura's shoulder. "Yeah, I liked it a lot." He gave a small yawn before he asked, "when can we do it again?"

"Whenever you want…my little one." Bakura smiled when the teen had fallen asleep, snuggled up against his body. It was unbelievable that he found someone that was so loving instead of abusive like his other lovers had been. Maybe that explained his cold heartedness toward everyone around him, even Ryou. He felt sorry for Ryou sometimes, having to face his excruciating torment. Ryou didn't deserve that. Although, Mokuba was only fifteen, so the teen didn't really have any point in abusing Bakura, including since the bandit was twenty. Bakura closed his eyes, only wanting to rest them. However, he also fell asleep.

To Be Continued…


Author: gothic_kaiba


Disclaimers: None of the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters belong to me. They all belong to Takahashi!

Summary: Mokuba has a little problem with his drunken, big brother. He leaves to find comfort, but the only person he finds is Bakura. What does Bakura have up his devious sleeves?

Ratings: NC-17

Warnings: Yaoi, lemons, h/c, unusual pairing Oo;

Pairings: Bakura x Mokuba
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